●Profile of Miho Yamaji

Started having Koto lessons from the age of five. Graduated with a Bachelor of Music(Musicology) from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1994. Completed the NHK 42nd "Hougaku Ginoushya Ikuseikai". Studied under Kazue Sawai as an intern in the "Japanese Fine Art Internship Program" sponsored by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Activities outside of Japan

  • ・Concert in St. Polten, Austria
  • ・Participated in "Pinatubo Volcano Charity Concert" in the Philippines
  • ・Concert held at Wickin Country Hotel, England
  • ・Participated in "Kazue Sawai/Higaryu Sawai Concert" at the University of Hawaii in U.S,A.
  • ・Performed concerts in Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. Toured with Shakuhachi instrumentalist Andrew MacGregor, performing from their album "Kishi (Hymn) Ren-Men" in 16 venues in Australia. Ms. Yamaji’s performances were broadcast on ABC radio in Australia with favorable reviews. The next year, Ms. Yamaji was invited to the International Shakuhachi Festival in Australia as an official Koto instructor. The following year, she returned to Australia for her second tour.
  • ・European Tour (17 cities in 10 countries: Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Latvia) (22 performances)
  • ・Performed teaching activities at the Moscow Conservatory as a cultural exchange ambassador
  • ・Lectured Japanese music at Sibelius Conservatory (Finland), Moscow Conservatory, Saratov Conservatory, Astrakhan Conservatory (Russia), Liszt Ferenc School of Music (Hungary)
  • ・Performed as a soloist with the Russian Academy of Music of Moscow Conservatory (Tchaikovsky Hall)

Activities in Japan

  • ・Friendly performance at the Australian Embassy
  • ・Appeared on the "Yoshi Ikuzo Show", "Geinou Hanabutai" on NHK’s education channel, and "Hougaku no Hitotoki" on NHK’s FM radio station.
  • ・Organized seven solo recitals.
  • ・Nationwide tour performances (18 performances)
  • ・Judge, Hiroshima and Okayama Prefecture High School Japanese Music Concert.
  • ・Piano and Koto du oriental with pianist Yumi Yamaguchi (Tokyo Toppan Hall)
  • ・Collaboration concerto with the Kurashiki Orchestra
  • ・Performed at G7 Kurashiki Education Ministers' Meeting
  • ・Performed at a concert sponsored by the Osaka Bunraku Theater
  • ・Appeared at Kasumigaseki Music Festival 2017 (Tokyo Kasumigaseki Common Gate)
  • ・Performed at G20 Okayama Health Ministers' Meeting
  • ・Performed at Katsuya Yokoyama Memorial Concert at the International Shakuhachi Music Festival


  • ・Passed the domestic internship program at the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
  • ・Nagatani Kengyo Memorial 5th National Japanese Music Competition All Categories 1st place overall
  • ・The 4th International Federation of Arts (JILA) Music Competition 1st prize in Japanese music category
  • ・Won the 4th Kenjun Memorial National Koto Competition Encouragement Award
  • ・Received a special prize at the 1st Koto-Play Pops Competition
  • ・2002 Okayama Arts and Culture Award Associate Grand Prix
  • ・Received 2005 Kurashiki City Cultural Federation Encouragement Award
  • ・Received the 10th Fukutake Culture Encouragement Award
  • ・2012 Agency for Cultural Affairs Cultural Exchange Envoy

Ms. Yamaji has engaged in a wide spectrum of performances, such as a "Noh" stage concert, dinner concerts at hotels, sessions with "Rakugo", and sessions with chorus ensembles, orchestras, and bands.

Ms. Yamaji is a member of the "Doseikai" music group of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and its affiliated alumni Koto organization, "Morinokai".

Ms. Yamaji teaches the Koto at Okayama University and composes music, as well as giving recitals in Japan and overseas. She lives in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.