September 25,
Miho Yamaji Koto Recital
The second in the "Strings" series sponsored by the Tamashima Citizens' Exchange Center

This is a local recital announcement. For the first time in two years, we will be welcoming guests such as Nagauta Shamisen Katsukuro Kuchiya, Dance Bando Hirokizo, and Koto Akiko Okada and Kyoko Fujita as supporting actors.
Also, as an ensemble, everyone who is learning under me will come out. When I was in my twenties, my dream was to "form an ensemble with my disciples and perform around the world", but the reality that my dreams are coming true is both happy and difficult, but everyone I am practicing happily.
We are doing our best to practice the various charms of koto with classics, dances, shamisen, and ensembles. Please invite your family and friends before you go out.

April 24, Okayama Renaiss Hall
Masterpieces of Koto-The World of Michio Miyagi and Tadao Sawai-

The spread of the COVID19 infection threatened to hold the event, but thanks to the support of many people, including the hall, we managed to hold the event.
It was difficult to concentrate on the performance because the situation was just the situation, but I was able to feel the reaction of the customers by playing at the concert, and I was surprised to find that I was thrilled and pleased at the cellular level of the body. rice field.
It was a day when I realized the goodness and meaning of live music

7,11,2020 8,11,2020
Judge of Okayama and Hiroshima Prefectural High School Japanese Music Concert.

Okayama Prefecture was held every year in August, but this year it has been postponed to November. I went to the jury for a Japanese music concert of high school students in Okayama and Hiroshima prefectures one day apart.
Even though the school was closed from April to May and there was not enough practice time. But the students still practiced hard and played on the stage. It was a pleasing performance of exuberant youth!

One day in September

For many years, I had thought that it was "absolutely necessary!". DVD of Koto teaching materials that I could not make because I did not have time.So I recorded it now that I have time.
When playing the Koto, the point that the tone improves if you take a little care. In that DVD, I advise you on the basics of playing the Koto.
This DVD is a must-see for those who play the Koto. Please look forward to it. Also, this DVD comes with English and Russian translations.

2692020  Recording, The musical "Ryokan Monk's Dream"

Due to the influence of the COVID-19, all concerts the 2020 year have been cancelled.
National convention of Monk Ryoukan has also been postponed to 2021, too. However, the musical " Ryoukan san no Yume (Ryoukan Monk's Dream)" was recorded. So I played there for the first time in a long time
Screenplay and director by Ms Keiko Gotoda. It was a job I wanted to do, composing and layering sounds on a wonderful stage. It was really fun and I got a lot of good stimuli that were different from the concert work. When it comes to DVDs, I think it will be different from live plays and performances, but I'm looking forward to the completion.
Thank you very much to Dr. Gotoda, the actors and many staff members.

Online classes at Okayama University

Please check this out.

The Okayama University classes started two weeks later in April due to the influence of COVID-19. I`m a completely analog person, it`s difficult for me to use PC, but I've managed to get weekly updates with the help of the people around me. A lot of things have to be learned as society changes drastically. Live and study!


My daughter

Now I`m taking care of my former dance teacher`s dog. One year has already passed but she has become a part of my family.


My student’s house

Mrs. Kobayashi, who is my student and also my cooking teacher, invited me, "Let's have lunch in the garden at such a time." So she cooked it.
In such everyday life, I'm too happy to go somewhere.


Grow vegetables and flowers

My dream for the future is "a self-sufficient life surrounded by nature." It's difficult, but when I have time! So I tried to grow vegetables and flowers this year.


Dear: My friends!

Everybody is living a serious life by the influence of the COVID-19 also have postponed or cancelled concerts until September, and the performance spree has been completely suspended. It was the first time that I had stopped performing for such a long time, but I was surprised that it was so important to be able to spend time mindfully and relaxed.

Now, I spend a lot of time enjoying the changing seasons, playing the Koto and the Sangen at home, taking care of the garden, enjoying the cooking, tea time with family, and cleaning up the dishes that I usually can't do.

I also going to start composing again. When I was young, I composed many pieces too. I was originally creative, but became busy and stopped writing new music, concentrating only on performing.

I don't have the power of those days, but I hope to be able to create music that I can produce it better, because we're getting older.

It may be difficult to share music with you at a concert for a while, but I hope to be able to share it online.
We will upload it soon, so please take a look and look forward to it!