• 文化庁芸術インターンシップ国内研修員に合格、沢井一恵氏に師事
  • 長谷検校記念第5回全国邦楽コンクール全部門総合第1位
  • 第4回国際芸術連盟(JILA)音楽コンクール邦楽部門第1位
  • 第4回賢順記念全国箏曲コンクール奨励賞受賞
  • 第1回琴で弾くポップスコンクールにて特別賞を受賞
  • 平成14年岡山芸術文化賞準グランプリ受賞
  • 平成17年倉敷市文化連盟奨励賞受賞
  • 第10回福武文化奨励賞受賞
  • 平成24年度文化庁文化交流使
  • オーストラリア大使館にて親善演奏
  • オーストリア・サンクトペルテン市にてコンサート
  • フィリピンにて「ピナツボ火山チャリティーコンサート」に参加
  • イギリス・ウイッキンカントリーホテルにてコンサート開催
  • ハワイ大学にて「沢井一恵・比河流コンサート」に参加






Profile of Miho Yamaji

Started koto lessons from five years oldGraduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.Completed the NHK 42nd "Hougaku Ginoushya Ikuseikai". Studied under Kazue Sawai as an intern in the "Japanese Fine Art Internship Program"sponsored by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.Won the 4th Kenjun National Koto Festival with the Award of Encouragement.Won first prize in the 4th Japan International League of Artists (JILA) Music Competition.Won first prize in the 5th National Japanese Nagatani Kengyo Commemoration Music Competition.Won second prize in the Okayama Art and Culture Awards.Received the individual Award of Encouragement from the Kurashiki Cultural League. Performed a good-will concert at the Australian embassy.Has given overseas concerts in Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.Toured with shakuhachi instrumentalist Andrew MacGregor, performing from their album "Kishi (Hymn) Ren-Men" in 16 venues in Australia. Ms. Yamaji’s performances were broadcast on ABC radio in Australiawith favorable reviews. The next year, Ms. Yamaji was invited to the Internationa Shakuhachi Festival in Australiaas an official koto instructor. The following year, she went back to Australia for her second tour. In Japan, Ms. Yamaji appeared on the "Yoshi Ikuzo Show", "Geinou Hanabutai" on NHK’s education channel, and "Hougaku no Hitotoki" on NHK’s FM radio. Ms. Yamaji has organized four solo recitals. She has engaged in a wide spectrum of performances, such as a "noh" stage concert, dinner concerts at hotels, collaborations with "rakugo", and sessions with choral ensembles, orchestras, and bands. Her first album, "Refrain"was released in 2001. Her joint CD with Andrew MacGregor, "Kishi (Hymn) Ren Men" was released in three countries, Australia, the United States and Japan. Ms. Yamaji is a member of the "Doseikai" music group of the Tokyo National Universityof Fine Arts and Music and its affiliated alumni koto organization, "Morinokai". She teaches the koto at Okayama University and composes music, as well as giving recitals in Japan and overseas. She lives in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.